Blister Prevention

Blisters can be exceptionally painful and debilitating, especially during long and multi-day events when your feet are compromised and working hard for extended periods of time.  The key to preventing blisters is to create a healthier environment for your feet by eliminating heat, moisture and friction. Prevention is always better than treatment.

Injinji Performance Toe Socks are anatomically designed with five toe sleeves to provide a comfortable, natural and healthy environment for your feet. Comprising a blend of Coolmax (or Australian Merino in a few NuWool styles), polyester and Lycra, the socks will hug your feet like a second skin and keep them cool and dry. Features such as the Vector-shaped heel, supportive arch and seamless construction combine to further enhance comfort and ensure there is no bunching or sagging material.

The unique five-toe design separates your toes to ensure there is no skin-on-skin friction, meaning your feet are completely protected from blisters and hot spots. There is also much less pressure on the ends of your toes when compared to wearing a tube-style sock, particularly for those with a Morton’s foot (2nd toe longest).

In addition to encouraging a much healthier environment for your feet, Injinji also provide many functional benefits. The 5-toe design promotes natural toe alignment and forefoot splay, and much more effective use of your toes for balance, stability, strength and proprioception. When your foot function is compromised, muscle fatigue and compensatory gait patterns can develop and lead to blistering and discomfort. Over longer distances this risk only increases, so promoting better function can also enhance comfort and reduce the risk of blistering.

Anti-chafe products such as Bodyglide are very effective at eliminating friction, but many people don’t realise that the use of anti-chafe extends far beyond underarms and thighs, in fact all the way to the toes.  Bodyglide is the world’s number one anti-chafe product. The all-natural formula is petroleum free and hypo-allergenic, so it will not irritate the skin and will not cause damage to clothing, socks, footwear or your hiking pack. The waxy formula is non-messy, does not feel oily or greasy and does not hamper the skin’s ability to breathe or sweat. Bodyglide is resistant to sweat, water, sand and other impurities and protects the skin for hours on end. It is absorbed into the skin to provide lasting protection from friction, rubbing and hot spots which can lead to blistering and chafing.  

In addition to wearing a technical sock such as Injinji, applying Bodyglide to your feet (especially around the heel collar of the shoe, through the midfoot and between the toes) should eliminate friction and significantly reduce the risk of suffering with hot spots and blisters.